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Diamond Engagement Rings

We have a large selection of rings in store, with a broad range of styles including Solitaires, Halo rings, Clusters and 3 stones.

Coloured Engagement Rings

Prefer some colour, we also have three stone rings with Sapphires, Emeralds, Ruby’s and many more semi precious stones. We also hold a selection of gemstone engagement rings without diamonds.

Sapphire Engagement Ring

Not sure what style of wedding ring to choose?

All our staff have many years experience and can help you choose the style of ring that your love one will treasure forever.

Design Your Own Engagement Ring

Would you like something extra special, rather than buying off the shelf, why don’t you create your own ring with our bespoke design service.

Sit down with one of our team who will talk you through the whole process , we can even create 3D wax models of your design before its made.

Above all our aim is to make sure your happy with your purchase for years to come, for that reason we offer the following: