Nottingham Wedding Ring Specialist

We are an independent jewellers in Nottingham specialising in wedding rings. Our highly skilled staff will give you all the time and advice you need to ensure you purchase the perfect rings that you will love and cherish forever.

Nottingham Wedding Rings

Our stock covers all price points and we can help you choose a style that compliments your engagement ring. In addition each ring can be engraved with personal messages and dates in a choice of lettering styles.

Rings are available in a range of metals including Gold, platinum, Silver and Argentium. If you’re looking for something completely unique, we can help you design your rings and create them for you.

Wedding Rings

Gold & Platinum Rings

We have an extensive range of 9ct and 18ct Gold and Platinum wedding bands available in store and made to order. In addition to selecting the metal, you can also choose the weight and width of the band and the type of finish.

Fusion Rings

We supply the very latest Fusion rings, that combine different metals together.

Argentium Rings

Official stockists of Argentium, this is made from the finest Silver, with the highest Silver content at 960. Argentium 960 is the lowest maintenance Silver available and therefore requires less cleaning than other Silvers.

Argentium is the best in class for tarnish resistance, whiter and brighter than sterling silver and purer than traditional sterling.

Please contact us for details or to make an appointment.

Select one of our image galleries below. We have traditional, Celtic, diamond, diamond cut and 2 colour wedding bands.